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Due to Covid-19 restrictions the Orchestra was unable to host Power’s partners’ educators and  disabled artists in Carpi. The workshop took place anyway during the last meeting in Athens  before the Premiere of We all come from somewhere. Artists and educators and professionals  attended the lesson in which most instruments used by the Orchestra were shown and  explained. All the participants tried to play and learn how to use the technologies applied to  instruments and how everyone could play in any situation or conditions.

The workshop lasted 2 hours and was directed by Enrico Zanella music director of Scia Scia  Orchestra and involved at least 20 people i.e., all the people who were able to travel to Greece. The workshop’s content included the Orchestra’s history, the musician’s involved, the methodology, the original songs they composed but mostly the instruments they play with. Since most of the Orchestra’s musicians suffer of severe disabilities, the role of the director and  the educators has also been creating instruments perfectly sharped on each musician’s particular need.

These instruments were created in combination with the soundbeam technology and other  kind of technologies applied to music and playing instruments.

The main purposes of this workshop were showing and explaining the instruments and  technology, understand how they work, which are the group dynamics, see the results  musicians can reach like for example the improvement of talents but also in body movements,  understand how it needs to be handled to help people in the learning approach, how to adapt  and match instruments, technologies, and psychomotor abilities of the musicians with  disabilities. All the participants played with most of the instruments used by Scia Scia’s  musicians.

The workshop was an important occasion to involve all the partners in the work daily promoted  by Nazareno through the Orchestra and to share how it is possible to enlarge the music to all  the people who wants to approach the music no matter what their difficulties are and how it  can be a tool for personal expression and capabilities.