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“The Trojan Women”


This summer the project DIVA – Diversity, Inclusion and Visibility in Arts, co-funded by Creative Europe, will perform live in Lisbon, Bielsko-Biala, and Athens the play Trojan Women, an elegy to peace, a feminist approach to the evil of wars.
THEAMA – Inclusive Theatre Greece / Teatr Grodzki Poland / Teatro Gato Escaldado Portugal are currently working to produce a stage performance with over 26 actors on stage for all 3 countries involved. A feat of coordination effort in production for an inclusive performance with disabled and non-disabled actors.
Rehearsals, joint remote hybrid rehearsals and preparations are intensifying to prepare for the Lisbon premiere on 1st August, 2024 at the Teatro Fabrica da Polvora!
Stay tuned, more exciting news will follow!! Visit the project’s website for updates – https://diva-creative.eu/