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TACTILE TOUR with Emmanouela Pationiotaki

As part of the W.A.N.T. (WE ALL Need Theatre) campaign, an action of the European program “Inclusive Theater (s)” (Creative Europe) on the importance of the practical application of accessibility at the theatre, Dr. Emmanouela Patiniotaki will give a two-hour introductory seminar on the concept, the use and the operation of the “Tactile Tour” as applied at the theatre as an access service for the blind or visually impaired people, on Sunday 10 April 5-7pm at ISON Theater!
Free Entrance
It’s necessary to book your seat at (+30) 2130411546!
Emmanouela Patiniotaki (Emm Patiniotaki) is an academic and researcher in the field of Accessibility. She holds a PhD from Imperial College London following many years of research in Universal Accessibility, the means and services with which it can be achieved. As an academic, she is based at University College London and she is also the founder of ATLAS E.P., a company that offers access services. She focuses on the provision of access means and services since 2008 for the theatre, the cinema, concerts, the TV, live events, and in education. She recently published the National Subtitling Guide for Accessibility Purposes.