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Choregia (χορηγία) Greek for sponsorship is an important social and cultural institution that was born and flourished in Ancient Greece. It was first established in the Athenian Republic of Cleisthenes at the end of the 6th century BC, flourished in the 5th century, the Golden Age of Pericles with the sole purpose to provide financial support for the ancient theatre performances and competitions.
Cultural Sponsorship, according to the law (art. 1 of Law 3525/2007), means the financing or other form of financial provision in kind, in intangible goods or services by natural or legal persons, for the enhancement of specific cultural activities.

Our Code of Conduct:

THEAMA selects partners who share the basic principles and values ​​for the equal, inclusive and accessible concepts in all social and cultural events. The main criterion for selecting a partner is the companies-sponsors to respect the methodology and the spirit of THEAMA

THEAMA does not accept sponsorships from companies which:
Have a record of illegal activities.
Exploit disability and the disabled for own profit.
Produce or trade weapons.
Do not encourage and adopt Fair Trade and Sustainability practices.

Benefits for the sponsor:

Each agreement with a sponsoring company is separate, with the result that the reciprocal benefits are also determined in relation to the scale of each sponsorship.

THEAMA is a non-profit organisation (ΑΜΚΕ). Donations are tax deductible as per applicable laws.

Valuable support in our work is manifested in practice by companies and individuals who offer sponsorships in kind and services necessary for the effective operation and implementation of the objectives of THEAMA

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