Children’s play

Director, Eliana Perifanou


A new children’s play for the winter season 2019/20 premiered in October 2019 with several theatre and school performances. All performances were suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

An interactive show that highlights the uniqueness, inclusion, acceptance, perseverance, self-esteem and fulfilment of personal goals and dreams.

Based on the experience of the participants in disability and inclusive education this production offers full accessibility of content and space for the audience.

A magpie and a beaver meet a musician in the forest. Everyone feels that they are not accepted in the world of fairy tales. They are looking to find a story that will include all three. They try to become the heroes in one of the Aesop’s Fables.

Four Fables are included in their efforts to transform –

“The Cricket and the Ant”, “The Donkey and the Lion”, “The Hare and the Turtle”, “The Lion goes to battle”.

Each character is unique, flexible and ready to take on any role in order to be included in any of the stories. After many efforts and alternations of emotions, admiration, injustice, joy, anger, laughter and frustration, they decide to claim their own place and make their own fairy tale.

The work and material of the performance can be used as an educational tool for equal acceptance, respect for uniqueness, understanding of social phenomena. An interactive performance that aims to reconstruct perceptions and stereotypes about human diversity and disability.