Nekrasov, by Jean Paul Sartre

Director – Vassilis Oikonomou

Translator – Elina Daraklitsa


This work unveils the immaculate face of a section of the press, but also of the powerful elite present in all societies. Sartre intended to approach the genre of comedy as a disciple of Aristophanes, with strong elements of political and social satire.

In Nekrassov, the philosopher-playwright draws inspiration and thematic elements from the socio-political reality of his time in order to compose a political satire that adeptly used the technique of  ‘theatre within theatre’ as the main dramaturgical tool. The indistinguishable boundaries between truth, which is often hidden, and fictional lies that alter reality, identities and roles, create the setting for a theatrical game with many and unpredictable players.

The play was staged for the 2018 winter season in a central theatre in Athens.