Narcissus and Echo ….and other metamorphoses, by Vassilis Oikonomou and Eliana Perifanou

Director, Eliana Perifanou



The first play for children produced and staged by THEAMA.

a performance on diversity, inclusion and transformations  From October 21,2018 and for the entire winter season up to April, 2019 THEAMA having already eight years of continuous presence in the performing arts and the professional empowerment of disabled performers staged a performance of Narcissus and Echo ….and other metamorphoses, suitable for young and older audiences. The element of metamorphosis, the human ability to transform, is the main concept of the three ancient Greek myths, “Narcissus and Echo”, “Arachne” and “Helios and Phaethon”. The concept can be used as a potent educational tool for respect towards human diversity.  According to Vassilis Oikonomou, founder of THEAMA, ‘performances addressed to children and younger audiences must consolidate new perceptions on disability within the current Greek society, THEAMA is now doing that for the first time and based on their experience in the performing arts’. With a cast of five actors and actresses, two with kinetic disabilities – wheelchair users, one actor in the autism spectrum and with impaired vision, and two non-disabled actors a living proof that inclusion is possible through training and inclusive practices and concepts.

…My name is Narcissus… My name is Echo……Arachne is my name and I am the greatest weaver……Dad, can I take your chariot, just for a ride around the earth??

The plot: Three ancient Greek myths, loaded with messages and symbolisms, so current till today and so relevant to human behaviours. “Narcissus and Echo” narrates the value of strength and weakness of the ability to look into one’s self and listen to one’s own words. The myth of “Arachne” contemplates on the value of moderation in promoting one’s own capabilities and talents.  “Helios and Phaethon” confirms the power of a promise made and how wisdom can prevent frivolous decisions. A repetition, an arrogant retort, or a hasty decision, can these actions transform our lives? Our stage characters will bring to life their adventures, they will interact with the audience and they will surrender to their destiny till their final transformation. The journey into the world of metamorphoses starts here!!