Mr. REM after few months of performances in fall 2019 was also a victim of COVID-19 and could not complete its cycle of planned performances in Athens and on tour.

A monologue of a man and his dreams..
Mr. Rem is the magic of dreams.
He is the sound of white sheets, in the naked body that breathes gently.
He is in the faint movement of the fingers in desire.
He is in the fear of war, in the tear that slowly flows on the pillow.
He is in the courage to close one’s eyes and have no fear of dreams.
He is in the paradox that we call dreams.
He is the victim and the perpetrator of his dreams.

“I love the dreams that come to my mind at night. Many nights, I wake up and write down the dreams I saw, without trying to put them into logical phrases and pictures. In the morning I look at the sleep-deprived letters on all those pages on the side of the bed. At times they are incomprehensible words and sometimes, dreams that dip my eyes in them greedily. There are dreams that haunt me for years and others that are brief, false, indecent, vindictive, scary or indifferent. ”

This is Mr. Rem. The sleep. He is the one who travels with us and accompanies us without asking for anything more than our closed eyes.