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Theatrical monologue


by Costas Lakis

Directed by Vassilis Oikonomou
Metaxia: Ellie Driva

From 3 and up to May 30, 2021

on demand 24h

From 3 and up to May 16, 2021 the staged performance of Metaxia will be once again available on-line for ON DEMAND STREAMING in High Definition (HD), offering content accessibility services for viewers with sensory impairments.

The inclusive professional theatrical group THEAMA, at the request of viewers who missed earlier on-line performances in December 2020, presents, for a period of 14 days, the dramatic theatrical monologue of Costas Lakis, “Metaxia”, directed by Vassilis Oikonomou.

“Metaxia”, premiered through online real time live streaming in December 2020, with content accessibility services for disabled viewers:

  • Greek Sign Language for the D/deaf and hard of hearing
  • Closed Captions in Greek and English
  • Audio Description in Greek and English

THEAMA, due to the pandemic of COVID-19 and its imposed restrictions, once again leads the way in Greece, by bringing to the/all viewers accessible and inclusive performances. With endless inspiration and intensive 6-months preparation, they managed to combine, the “here and now” magic of the theatre with the spectators’ comfort and adaptability to watch the performance on-demand, while respecting the needs for content and language accessibility for sensory impairments and for those whose mother language is not Greek.


The unique perception of the Director, Vassilis Oikonomou to the challenging text of Costas Lakis and the superb performance by Elie Driva as Metaxia in the lead role, will bring to your screen the thrill of a stage performance and will keep you enticed for the duration of the performance.




The plot


«…I am here, I came to dig deep, to break and dissolve the silence, the awkwardness of all those years, to stand all together in a great hug».  

Metaxia invites us to follow her on her own journey. She brings to life every detail from the premature loss of her childhood innocence, and seeks a way out of her own, personal confinement, which begins in her hometown of Sparta. Redemption comes only after the admission that she must accept what has happened to her, her own actions, as well as the actions of others. The transition from darkness to light … will come only when Metaxia finally speaks out!

According to the author, Costas Lakis, “Metaxia embodies all the brave women who managed to find their voice again. She is a person on the margins of urban society. Faced with memories, she finds the courage again to stand with courage, bravery, and face redemption. In a frantic course, through the raw recording of important events of her life, she manages to unwind the dust from around her, and inside her. She manages to dream. To live. She speaks, she remembers, she returns…  She knows she has no other choice. This woman is Metaxia. This woman’s testimony, with the brilliant interpretation of Eli Driva, and the profound perception of Director Vassilis Oikonomou, Metaxia of today emerges.”

The director Vassilis Oikonomou adds: “Personal acceptance and recording of what devours you is the first step towards personal freedom. Costas Lakis, leads us from darkness to light with unique mastery. A punch to the stomach which, however, liberates you.”

To be continued online…


Performance will be available ON DEMAND from 3 and until May 30, 2021.

*Rated PG 16



Content Accessibility Services


For accessibility purposes there are three different choices of on-demand videos, please make your choice:


Greek Sign Language incorporated for the entire performance



  AD/Closed Captions – subtitles in Greek



AD/Closed Captions-subtitles in English



Metaxia – Elie Driva

Playwright: Costas Lakis

Director – Dramaturgist: Vassilis Oikonomou

Asst. Director: Sophia Stavrakaki

Original Music: Elias Kourtparasidis

English Translation/Editing: Marina Andrianou/Maria Dragatakis

Wardrobe: Michalis Sdougkos

Sound and Light Technician: Elias Kourtparasidis

Camera: Gkikas Melachrinos

Communication Coordinator: Marina Andrianou

Production: THEAMA (2020-2021)

Greek Sign Language: Theodora Tsapoiti

Closed Captions/subtitles Greek and English: Dr. Emmanuela Patiniotaki

Closed Captions/subtitles translation into English: Marina Andrianou

Audio Description Greek and English: Dr. Emmanuela Patiniotaki

Viewing Tips  https://www.viva.gr/tickets/theater/streaming/metaxia-en/

  • Please visit the link / webpage of the performance on-time
  • Recommended Browsers: Chrome, Firefox.
  • Can be watched on a SMART TV either by HDMI cable through your computer, or/and by a valid internet browser application that decodes video H.264.


Content Accessibility Services


For accessibility purposes there are three different choices of on-demand videos, please make your choice:


  • AD/Closed Captions-subtitles in Greek



  • AD/Closed Captions-subtitles in English



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Ticket change and cancellation policy:

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The organizer of this event is THEAMA

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