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Online training course

Part One
Making live events accessible to the visually impaired audience
– Webinars – (lectures, discussions, assigned tasks): 10h
– Individual study: 5h
Total duration: 15 h

Webinar 1 – 20 November 2020, 15.00 CET (Rome)
Accessibility and cultural accessibility, the legislative framework in Europe
In this webinar participants will be introduced to the core tenets of accessibility and cultural accessibility. A priority at international level, these concepts have been unevenly included in national and local legislation across Europe. Moreover, international and European legal requirements are implemented locally and regionally in different ways with varying degrees of enforceability. In this session participants will learn more about existing legislation in their country, as well as in partners’ countries.

Webinar 2 – 27 November 2020, 15.00 CET (Rome)
Accessibility of live events: who, what, when and how?
The aim of this webinar is to provide an introduction to audiodescription, with a specific focus on the audio description of live events. It introduces basic concepts related to the different types of AD, in particular AD for the theatre, its target audience(s) and the main issues related to creating and delivering AD. Participants will discover how a live event becomes accessible to blind and visually impaired people, who the specialists involved are, their roles and their skills.

Webinar 3 – 4 December 2020, 15.00 CET (Rome)
Making a live event accessible: different perspectives (user, audio describer, theatre manager)
This webinar aims at exploring in depth AD requirements from the different players involved in the process of describing a live event and making it accessible (e.g., what does an audio describer need from the theatre?). This session introduces a specific focus on target audiences and touch tours with a view to increasing awareness about users’ needs and expectations and help build a better relationship with them.

Webinar 4 – 11 December 2020, 15.00 CET (Rome)
How innovation and technology can help improve AD services
A brief introduction to the application of various types of technology in the delivery of AD. Participants will be presented with some case studies in order to underline the role of innovation and technical issues for future AD developments, in particular which technologies can be implemented and how to increase their accessibility offer.

All webinars will be hosted by ATER’s own online conference platform.

Valeria Illuminati, PhD
Experienced Audio describer of live performances for “Centro Diego Fabbri” (Forlì), Lecturer at the University of Bologna (Forlì Campus), Research Fellow at the University of Bologna.
PhD, Department of Interpreting and Translation (University of Bologna, Forlì Campus) and School of Modern Languages and Cultures (Durham University, UK).
Valeria has been working as an audio describer for the accessibility project “Teatro No Limits” of the Centro Diego Fabbri (Forlì) since 2014. She has taught Audiovisual Translation at the University of Macerata and in several training courses and workshops. She has taken part in the European projects Theatres for All and Castle, both dealing with accessibility and audio description.