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Summary of the project

INCLUSIVE THEATER(S) a project approved by Creative Europe for 2019- 2021 a Cooperation Project with partners from

  • Italy – ATER
  • Serbia – PLAVO Theatre
  • Portugal – EGEAC
  • Greece – THEAMA – Theatre for the Disabled


The main objective of INCLUSIVE THEATER(S) is to develop new audiences in Theatres mainstreaming inclusive practices for visually and hearing impaired persons during theatre performances at European Level.

Project’s strategic objectives will be achieved through:

  • To share and improve good practices for Inclusive Theatres between experts through formal and informal training activities.
  • To mainstream and scale-up accessible theatres in participating countries where support services for visually and hearing-impaired persons are already provided.
  • To validate and test pilot actions for inclusive services in theatres of participating Countries.
  • To develop and deploy a Europe-wide Awareness Raising Campaign on the needs of visually and/or hearing impaired persons in theatres, stimulating inclusive policies and community engagement.
  • To disseminate project’s findings and the EU support to its implementation, ensuring a long-term sustainability.

Latest activities