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THEAMA – Inclusive Theatre as the lead partner of the Creative Europe project D.I.V.A. – Diversity, Inclusion and Visibility in Arts are receiving applications for 5 internships, for aspiring performers to participate in the project over the next 20 months.

The interns will rehearse along with the actors for the production of a digital performance based on an adaptation of the Trojan Women by Euripides, which will commence in May 2023 and be completed by July 2023 and for next year 2024 they will rehearse to be part of the theatre production of the play that will be staged during the summer months of 2024 in Lisbon, Portugal / Bielski- Biale in Poland and Athens, Greece.

The internship is considered as part of drama training, rehearsals are not considered paid work but training in inclusive theatre practices for disabled/non-disabled performers, however, interns will be remunerated for their participation in the Digital Performance and the Live Stage Performances.

If interested to participate send a brief resume to theamaproduction@gmail.com