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D.I.V.A – Diversity, Inclusion, and Visibility in Arts

D.I.V.A. – Diversity, Inclusion, and Visibility in Arts is a project targeted to boost resilience and recovery from the pandemic caused cultural depression and provide Capacity Building prospects for its partners through cooperation, exchange of good practices and experiences. Small cultural operators suffered the most in the past two years, operationally, financially and in their ability to produce creative works, particularly those who were already facing difficulties, like the disabled groups of performers.”

The project plans to produce live-stage performances (3), digital performances (1), and a Guide for Inclusion & Accessibility in theatres/performing arts including video and text instructions. The activities planned include, 1 Artistic Directors’ Residency to streamline creative activities and exchange good practices, 3 on-line workshops on Inclusive Theater Training, 1 on-line Seminar for Accessibility Services for Disabled Audiences and Performers to invite broad participation from the cultural industry, digital and live rehearsals jointly among partners with performers drawn from different social backgrounds, diverse gender identification and disabled performers.

 The creative activities will draw thematically from the Greek tragedy ‘Trojan Women’ by Euripides, the first ever-recorded literary work that deals with the catastrophic repercussions of war and forced displacement of people, the calamities that befall the victims, mainly women and children,and their suffering in a perilous world. The final production of a stage/digital play will be an amalgamation of the chronic and lingering menace of war and its repercussions.

A conscious effort will be exerted to incorporate ‘green’ practices within the project’s activities, like day-time performances in open spaces that require no light fixtures, paperless environment, and all stage/wardrobe materials recyclable.

The Consortium of partners is lead by THEAMA – Inclusive Theatre and includes Teatr Grodzki from Poland and Teatro Gato Escalado from Portugal.