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Within the framework of ERASMUS+ program for Strategic Partnerships in the Field of Youth the project CONTACT has been approved and will commence its Activities from May 1st, 2021 and for two years.
ISON – Inclusive Lab for Theater and Dance in coordination with THEAMA – Inclusive Theater and EXIS – Inclusive Dance Company will cooperate to implement all the program’s activities.
Leader of the project is DK-BEL, France the renowned inclusive dance group, the administration of the project handled by ELAN, France, and other partners include ACCAC- Finland.
The project is an inclusive educational program with specific tools like movement, dance, the human body, and CONTACT a much-appreciated value in our current days.
Stay tuned, many activities are coming ahead with targeted training programs for ISON both live and on-line!
Lean more about the programme and the educational material: